Power to the People

Power to the People: 3 Ways Essential Oils Improve Lives

Sweet mother of all things holy. If I have to read another blog/comment/social media post about how regular un-qualified people are giving “dangerous” advice about essential oils and how the evil multi-level marketing companies are perpetuating said advice to *gasp* make a profit, I might have to light myself on fire.

There are so many things wrong with this argument that I’m not sure where to start. But I have to start somewhere people, because this ignorant attitude is where the true danger lies.

The truth is ALL companies are in business to make a profit; without which, no one would have jobs, and we would be without the basic necessities of life like food, clean water, medical care, clothing and shelter. Bottom line: If you or your spouse/partner has an income, it’s because someone, somewhere sold something.

First of all, so called ‘multi-level marketing’ is just a sales model. Nothing more, nothing less. Certainly not the global plan to steal our money and ruin our bodily health with jedi-mind trickery. We are smart. We can make your own decisions.  We don’t have to be afraid of a product simply because of the sales model the company chooses.

And speaking of sales models, this one thing is not what makes a company good or bad. There are very good companies with life changing products who use a direct selling (mlm) model and very bad companies with products who are destroying humanity and the planet who use a “traditional” advertising and off the shelf sales model – and vice versa. The primary difference is the destination of the marketing dollars. 

All companies manufacture a product (Beer for instance) or provide a service (Cable TV for example). Then they have to get the message of this product or service’s features and benefits out to the world so that consumers will buy. This process is known as marketing. In a “traditional” (although this is changing) sales model, this is done with huge budgets spent on TV commercials, celebrity spokespeople and print ads.

The really strange thing is that the same people who have zero problems with the former sales model (despite the fact that it is usually deceptive and highly manipulative) will FREAK OUT when a different company takes these millions of marketing dollars and pays them in the form of commissions and bonuses to hard working moms, dads and people of all kinds to share the features and benefits of their products in a more direct, personal and dare I say more ethical way.

So, “Puppy Monkey Baby” hits the airwaves during the Super Bowl and millions of dollars flow to the TV network and some Madison Ave. advertising firm and no one bats an eyelash.

During the same time frame, I feed my children dinner, tuck them into bed and leave them in the care of their father (who is tired from working all day) and get in my car and travel to someone’s home to tell them my story and spend several hours educating them on natural health solutions and give them the (TOTALLY OPTIONAL) opportunity to purchase these life changing products for themselves. I do this with the goal of sharing non toxic solutions with my community and building a better future for my family. If they do purchase, I earn a commission and use that money to pay for groceries and art classes and basketball uniforms. If they choose not to, I walk away feeling good knowing that because of me, someone learned something new and beneficial today.

And in a lot of people’s paradigms, my way is the sleazy way.

Wait. What?

In reality, my only crime here is an excruciatingly long run on sentence to explain a day in my life, yet so many are doggedly committed to the perception that all MLM companies (and the people who represent them) are slimy simply because of their distribution model.

Seems a little ignorant right?

And speaking of ignorance, let’s talk about the products.

I represent the world’s largest Essential Oil company who also happens to use the direct sales model. This company has reached over a billion in sales in slightly more than half a decade. To give you some perspective, to reach the billion dollar mark is a major corporate milestone. To do it in less than ten years puts you among some of the most impressive companies in history (Apple and Facebook took 6 years, Amazon 4, Ebay 7 and google took 5 years to hit 1 billion in revenue).

This hyper growth has improved countless lives by taking the power away from huge (and often corrupt) corporate interests and putting it where it belongs: with the people. This in turn accomplished the following:

  1. It brought natural health care, specifically essential oils, into the mainstream. This is important because parents and grandparents and people of all ages are now waking up to the fact that there are more ways than one to support the body than what they had been told or grown up believing.
  2. As the company has grown, not only have the corporate interests and company owners prospered, but literally tens of thousands of families have participated in the benefits and experienced financial and time freedom.
  3. This particular organization is what is known as a benefit corp and their business practices as well as a large sum of their profits have been strategically positioned to provide jobs, humanitarian relief and hope to some of the most impoverished regions in the world.

So the company I represent has the triple bottom line (people, planet profit) on lock. But still, some people are getting their panties in a bunch because “uneducated,” “unqualified,” “stay at home moms,” “college students,” etc. are selling this product and spreading ‘dangerous lies and misinformation.’

Personally, I have spent hundreds of hours devouring material to educate myself on the mechanisms, properties and proper uses of essential oils so that I can be the best possible resource for my team and customers. Believe me when I say that I am not the exception. Most of the professionals I have had the privilege to work with are highly committed to ongoing education.

But because this education doesn’t come with a degree from an accredited institution or a certification of some sort, it is somehow not eduction at all in some people’s minds. This is where we get into the dangerous part. The elitist mentality that expounds the faulty belief that you need an “expert” or someone outside or beyond or smarter than yourself to manage your health is at the root of why our nation is in such desperate health crisis in the first place.

You are smart. You are capable. With the help of some fellow travelers and some amazing natural products,  you can take control of your own health and financial realities. Anyone who tells you otherwise has at least some motivation to keep you subservient to an agenda that likely doesn’t have your true health and empowerment in mind.

The company I represent has an unwavering commitment to science. I continue to be blown away at the money and resources they commit to research and hiring the very best scientists in the field to make sure their products are pure, potent and safe and also that their recommendations are accurate. The proof as they say is in the pudding (or the oil in this case). In more than 8 years of doing business, this billion dollar company has never been sued or had even the shadow of a doubt that their product causes harm cast on them.

What they do have is countless testimonies of improved health and financial freedom because of a high quality product, ethical business practices and brilliant distribution model. 

So before you give too much attention to a blog or comment by someone with a non-existent tenuous grasp on human physiology and the need to placate their insecurity by using condescension and a holier than thou attitude – think of what you might be missing out on.

If you are ready to change your physical and/or financial health – if you want to get started on the road to health, time and money freedom – if you want to join a community of compassionate and committed entrepreneurs – I want to talk to you. Click HERE and get in touch.

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  1. DebHellman
    DebHellman says:

    Touche, Amy! Brilliant summary. Thank you for putting this into words in such a thoughtful and compelling presentation!

  2. Audra Robinson
    Audra Robinson says:

    Boom baby. Love you Amy and so glad we walked into each other’s lives so many years ago 😊🤘🏼 #oiltheworld #joblove

  3. Anne Rice
    Anne Rice says:

    People are suspicious of a different sales model for the same reason they are suspicious of a different product that isn’t an antibiotic prescribed by a doctor or a bottle of pills they can buy at the grocery store. But you already said that😊

  4. Samantha Pennington
    Samantha Pennington says:

    Great post Amy! So true! It really is a shame that MLM companies have this type of reputation. I agree that this is an honest, ethical way to promote a product!

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