Live Life on Your Terms With a ‘New Economy’ Business

It is Autumn as we pull into the campsite on the Gulf of Mexico. Situated steps away from the Emerald Coast beach, I can smell the ocean and feel the salt in the air. As we set up the motorhome, the kids run out to walk the dog and explore our new digs after hours of driving through the deep south.

At this point, we begin to notice the curious looks from retirees camped around us, something we’ve become accustomed to by this point. It won’t be long before conversations are struck up and we get the usual questions: Why aren’t your kids in school? How are you able to do this financially? What do you do for work?

In March of 2016, my husband David gave notice to his job where he had climbed the corporate ladder for better than 15 years. Despite making a multiple six figure income, complete with benefits package and loving his job and the people he worked with, we had both begun to feel a growing dissatisfaction in the way we were “doing life.”

Prior to resigning, David worked many hours per week, often making it home just in time to see the children off to bed. Weekends were often spent catching up on email and preparing for job related travel or a busy week ahead. I was equally busy running a bustling household, educating children, running them to various activities and building a business. David and I rarely saw each other. His only touchpoint with our shared home life was the hurried updates I would give him or the occasional request for help when a parent needed to be in more than one place at a time.

Over time, the question loomed larger: we were making a good living, but were we building a good life? As we discussed our doubts and concerns, it became clear that radical changes would be necessary to change the trajectory of our life. In the 14 months that have followed, our family has undergone a complete metamorphosis. It hasn’t always been easy or pretty. If fact it has been quite messy but we both agree it has been right and good.

Back to my original story, our system is set up to where you only achieve freedom once you retire at age 65 (or older). By then, the kids have moved on and your energy and desire to adventure may be waning. This is the accepted American Dream, but to us it seemed more like a nightmare. Maybe your dream isn’t traveling around the country in a motorhome. Maybe you just want to take a vacation or pay for college or not have to worry whether you can provide a good life for your kids. The bottom line is that if you have any desire to live a life that you design rather than what is chosen for you, you are going to need a way to make money. So the question, as so often posed by our curious retired neighbors in various RV parks remains front and center: How do you do this financially?

An instagram of my daily workspace on the beach at the campsite in the story.

Eventually, we will pull back the curtain and tell you exactly and specifically, step by step how we did this. But the short answer is you need to start a business. What you probably already know is that the economic times, they are a-changin’. As a society, we have transitioned from a manufacturing economy to a technology and service based economy. In order to not only make it, but flourish in this new economy, you need to master two things:

  • how to leverage technology and
  • how to provide massive value (in conjunction with a product or service that people are willing to pay you for)

You can definitely apply these concepts to your job, but the very best way to create massive time, location and energy freedom of choice in your life is to start a business. Please don’t let that freak you out, thanks to the internet, it’s now easier than ever and it is my passionate belief that just about anyone who has a strong desire and is willing to work hard can create financial freedom for themselves and their family.

So first things first, what type of business is right for you? I’ve created a short quiz (8 questions) that you can take to match you up with the perfect business for you.

And don’t worry, David and I will be back with lots more information and guidance. It is one of our missions in life to help people that feel stuck and frustrated over the limitations in their lives break free and begin living life on their terms. In the meantime, take the quiz above and in the comments, let us know what is your biggest hesitation when it comes to starting your own business?