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Don’t Panic Over the Presidency: 5 Secrets to Staying Hopeful no Matter who wins the Election

I walked in the room and could immediately sense the heaviness in the atmosphere. Some were quiet, staring at the floor dejectedly. There were sniffles that broke through the sick silence occasionally and one woman openly wept in the corner of the room. I couldn’t help but wonder, had I accidentally happened upon a funeral […]

The Secret of my Excess

When I was 12 my house burned down. My sleeping sister and I barely escaped with our lives. We lost everything but that harsh reality was muted by the fact that we were safe and together. When I was 16, my mom left my dad, moving to a new city and taking me with her […]

Wellness and Wanderlust

Have you ever looked around yourself and wondered what it would be like to just walk out the door and never look back. I don’t mean to leave your children or spouse or pets or loved ones behind. I mean just walk away from the grind. The rat race. I have. Many times. In fact, […]

Feeling Blue or Blah? Try This.

Happy Spring! In Boulder we are buried under a foot of snow. Bad weather in March used to really get me down. In fact, LOTS of things used to really get me down. I was rarely in control of my mood. Until one day, I got fed up with being miserable. On that day, I […]

Power to the People: 3 Ways Essential Oils Improve Lives

Sweet mother of all things holy. If I have to read another blog/comment/social media post about how regular un-qualified people are giving “dangerous” advice about essential oils and how the evil multi-level marketing companies are perpetuating said advice to *gasp* make a profit, I might have to light myself on fire. There are so many […]